Smooth access to Chinese videos and applications

Support domestic video and music websites and app to support domestic game acceleration.

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Watch video

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Listen to music

Watch China live

Malus可以帮助您观看中国所有主要的直播平台,如Betta Live,Tiger Tooth Live,Panda Live等。

Watch China live


Our advantage

Malus uses edge node acceleration technology, server intelligent distribution, stable and fast effect, most of the time can be high-definition without stuttering, help you solve the problem of watching domestic audio and video abroad. It can break through regional restrictions, and also accelerate audio and video to meet your various needs when you return to China to watch videos, listen to music, and access web pages. The choice of 400,000 users. Support mobile phone and computer full platform use, high score praise, permanent stable unlock, professional return line, unlimited bandwidth, stable and fast.


Support video and music platforms

包括且不限于优酷、哔哩哔哩 B站、爱奇艺、腾讯视频、QQ音乐、土豆、网易云音乐、虾米音乐、酷狗音乐、芒果直播 MGTV、Acfun、PPTV、猫耳FM、章鱼TV、网易公开课等平台。帮你解决海外看国内视频:腾讯视频加速,解锁爱奇艺,解锁B站等需求。


Connect China, choose Malus

Overseas Chinese return home

Easy to use

A simple one-click connection operation saves you from cumbersome settings

Professional technical support

Professional technical team, 24-hour guarantee system stability and smooth line

More special packages

Put out a variety of packages for your choice, so that you can enjoy more discount.

Security and encryption

Protect your data with AES professional data encryption technology

Global network node coverage

Return to China with high-speed CN2 overseas line to ensure connection speed and stability

Multi-platform system support

Provide mainstream platform client downloads on the market (Windows, iOS, Android, Android TV, Mac).

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No matter where you are, Malus takes you closer to home in the online world